Naturopathic Medicine

trina3What Is Naturopathic Medicine?
A Naturopathic Physician’s practice is similar in scope to a general practitioner. Naturopathic treatment centers on correcting the underlying “dis-ease” versus just treating the symptom.

The 5 Fundamental Principles of Naturopathic Medicine:

1. The Healing Power of Nature:
The healing power of nature is the inherent self-organizing and healing process of living systems.

2. Find The Cause:
Every illness has an underlying cause, often in aspects of the lifestyle, diet or habits of the individual. A naturopathic physician is trained to find and remove the underlying cause of a disease.

3. First Do No Harm:
Naturopathic physicians utilize methods and medicinal substances which minimize the risk of harmful effects, and apply the least possible force or intervention necessary to diagnose illness and restore health. Whenever possible the suppression of symptoms is avoided as suppression generally interferes with the healing process.

4. Treat The Whole Person:
Health or disease comes from a complex interaction of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle, structural and other factors. Naturopathic physicians treat the whole person, taking these factors into account.

5. Preventive Medicine:
The naturopathic approach to health care can prevent minor illnesses from developing into more serious diseases. Patients are taught the principles with which to live a healthy life and by following these principles, they can prevent major illnesses.

What Natural Therapies are used in Naturopathic Medicine?

Clinical Nutrition refers to the use of diet and nutritional supplements as a medical therapy. Many medical conditions can be treated effectively with diet alone or by supplementation of nutrients (vitamins and minerals) above physiological doses. Food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, migraines, high blood pressure, acne, arthritis, PMS, pain, eczema, high cholesterol, hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety and ADD are just some of the many health conditions that are responsive to nutritional therapy.

Botanical Medicine has been used effectively in treating various illnesses for thousands of years. Recently there has been a great renaissance in the appreciation of plants as medicine as a result of an increase in the scientific understanding of how these medicines work. Botanical medicines may be as effective as prescription drugs, but without the side effects.

A Naturopathic Physician may use Natural Hormones also known as Bio-identical Hormones to treat illnesses that may have resulted in low levels of the bodies’ own production of Hormones. Natural Hormones may also be used to prevent diseases associated with low hormones after menopause for example: Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and physical or mental symptoms associated with low hormones. Natural Hormones differ from conventional Hormone Replacement in their chemistry and how the body recognizes and responds to their familiar chemical structure instead of a synthetic or unfamiliar chemical structure.

Diet Therapy refers to making changes to your diet to better your health or to treat a medical condition. An allergy elimination diet is a tough diet to complete on your own. Following an allergy elimination diet, a Rotation diet may be helpful. The word “diet” often has negative associations for people. Diet therapy does not have to be negative, we can help you make slow changes to your diet to enhance your health for the Long Term. You are what you eat!

Healing from illness or preventing disease is a process that occurs on many levels.
Integrative medicine can help you to heal your body, mind and spirit.


Philosophy of Natural Medicine

- Do no harm
- Find and treat the cause
- Treat the whole person
- Doctor as teacher
- The healing power of nature
- Promote wellness


- Preventive care may result in fewer sick days.
- Improved overall health and well-being (establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle program).
- Natural, non-invasive approach to illness (may reduce medication use).

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