Reconnect Patient Fusion

Sept 17, 2019

Our patient portal called Patient Fusion has recently updated it’s security policies which may be restricting access for patients that have more than one username linked to a single email address. Some reasons this may have happened:
• Users may have created their own portal account without linking it to our practice – therefore resulting in creating a second account in order to access their records.
• a child’s account is linked to their parent’s email address.

If you receive this message when you try to log on to the portal please see the steps below to re-enroll.


The security update requires all patients to have separate accounts, even if the patient is a minor. To fix the problem you will be creating a new account using a NEW email address that has not been associated with the portal. If you do not have a secondary email address, you will need to create one.

Steps to Fix

1. Use or create an email address that has not been previously associated with a Practice Fusion account.
2. Send the NEW email address to
3. You will get an email invitation to create a new Practice Fusion account at your NEW email address. Follow the instructions below to create the account.
4. The new account will not be created properly unless you follow all of the steps, including a verification process with a phone number. Please note a unique phone number is not required and you should use the phone number for which you want appointment reminder texts sent.
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PDF – Reconnect your Patient Fusion Account


Philosophy of Natural Medicine

- Do no harm
- Find and treat the cause
- Treat the whole person
- Doctor as teacher
- The healing power of nature
- Promote wellness


- Preventive care may result in fewer sick days.
- Improved overall health and well-being (establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle program).
- Natural, non-invasive approach to illness (may reduce medication use).

Holiday Hours

The office will be closed Dec 31 - Jan 4, 2018 and will resume normal business hours on Jan 7, 2018.