Our Staff

Angela Keith

Reception – Angela is a native of Washington
state. She enjoys hiking and camping and taking her dogs to the park as often
as she can. Angela has a background in Chiropractic Care and a passion for
Naturopathic Medicine. She believes good health and a balance in all things
are the keys to happiness and well-being

Bio Pic 2
Reception – Toba is a native of Washington
state. The mother of 3 boys and currently engaged to be married. She enjoys
outdoor activities like gardening, hiking and taking her dog down to the lake
for a swim. She also enjoys reading and do-it-yourself projects around the
house. Toba is passionate about a holistic approach to her own personal
health, which has been beneficial both physically and emotionally.


Philosophy of Natural Medicine

- Do no harm
- Find and treat the cause
- Treat the whole person
- Doctor as teacher
- The healing power of nature
- Promote wellness


- Preventive care may result in fewer sick days.
- Improved overall health and well-being (establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle program).
- Natural, non-invasive approach to illness (may reduce medication use).

Holiday Hours

The office will be closed Dec 31 - Jan 4, 2018 and will resume normal business hours on Jan 7, 2018.